Pictures can speak a thousand words and that too in a span of seconds. A fact that reaffirmed my faith in its inherent uniqueness. Wedding photography has been a passion, more so after being in the business of getting two people together, of course to marry.  Yes we all love making tall claims about that unique process through which fate gets us baptized forever, marriage. But I thought let’s do away with the claims and let the camera do the talking. Let it candidly capture all that others fail to observe and we ourselves are too engrossed to notice. Beyond the chaos is a connection. Beyond the connection is the hidden chemistry that rib-tickled two hearts and convinced them to function as one.


Feel free to connect with me in case you are looking for a seriously fun and nomadic way to shoot your D Day. My services are wedding centric but like the food platter at the Big Fat Indian Wedding , there is a lot to choose from.

  •  Contemporary Art (Candid) Wedding Photography 
  •  Traditional Wedding Photography
  •  Destination Wedding Photography 
  •  Outdoor Pre Wedding Couple Portfolio’s
  •  Designer Wedding Albums
  •  Wedding Films (Videography)



Hi, I am at Hitesh Chhabria, proprietor at SoulMeet, a company that deals with the most lucid business, of getting hearts to click, connect and stay permanently together. To be more direct I am an upcoming matchmaker who will let time and not type decide which two are meant to be one. Having done my masters in commerce I have had a long association with entertainment at companies like Prime Focus Ltd and Reliance Media. Ofcourse replace media with middleman and the entertaining bit just stays where it is. Besides all of the above I am a music buff, cinema lover, impromptu chef and travel enthusiast. Rest you will know before I finally shoot you. Did I forget to mention I strictly shoot with the camera.

 I live in Mumbai, India and travel to wherever my photography assignments take me.

I hope someday i have the pleasure of working with you.

You may view our work below in brief or you may visit the follo Facebook link to view our latest work:

The Wedding Invite